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Walls to Workstations and Bene, the Austrian giant furniture manufacturer, further strengthen their operations with a new partnership.

A picture of two people seating together at a Casual by Bene bench, next to another person using a single Casual by Bene bench, distributed by Walls to Workstations.

Walls to Workstations, one of Ireland’s biggest interior solutions provider, have partnered with Bene, the world-famous Austrian manufacturer, to provide sustainable, innovative, and evolving furniture solutions to the Irish market. With a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and design excellence, this partnership promises to deliver creative and responsible furniture options across Ireland.

This strategic alliance combines the extensive product range and expertise of Bene with the exceptional service and local market knowledge of Walls to Workstations. This collaboration will ensure that customers in Ireland have direct access to the exceptional quality and sustainable furniture offerings that Bene is renowned for.

By partnering with Bene, Walls to Workstations is poised to continue delivering creative and responsible furniture options across Ireland. Both Bene and Walls to Workstations are deeply committed to sustainability, making this partnership a perfect match. Adding Bene to our portfolio will elevate our offerings to new heights.
Michael Clarke
Managing Director | Walls to Workstations

A Shared Focus on Sustainability

Both Bene and Walls to Workstations are deeply committed to sustainability, making this partnership a perfect match. Bene has a long-standing reputation for creating environmentally conscious furniture solutions, implementing sustainable production processes, and using eco-friendly materials.

Similarly, Walls to Workstations has championed sustainability throughout its operations, actively promoting eco-friendly practices and partnering with brands prioritising sustainability. By joining forces, the two companies will further advance their collective sustainability goals and contribute to a greener future for Ireland. 

Bene is thrilled to announce this exciting new and exclusive trading partnership with Walls to Workstations, Ireland’s foremost office furniture supplier. As a leading designer and supplier of high-end, innovative furniture solutions, we feel that Walls to Workstations are the perfect choice for Bene as a partner in Ireland, and we are aligned in our passion for delivering pioneering, inspiring, and results oriented working environments. At Bene, ecological thinking and behavior are deeply rooted in our company’s DNA. We integrate these principles across all divisions, spanning product development, procurement, production, logistics, and product recycling. Our sustainability strategy encompasses economic, ecological, and social responsibility, a shared common focus with our new friends at Walls to Workstation.
Fergus Bowen
Managing Director | Bene UK and Ireland

Walls to Workstations adds Bene to their already strongly curated portfolio

Walls to Workstations is proud to add Bene to their carefully curated portfolio of top-class furniture solutions. Recognised as a leading provider, Walls to Workstations strongly believes that adding Bene will elevate its offerings to new heights. 

With Bene’s extensive range of sustainable and innovative furniture designs, Walls to Workstations is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of their customers, delivering exceptional products that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility.

Through our partnership with Bene, Walls to Workstations solidifies its position as a leading provider of sustainable and innovative furniture solutions in Ireland. With shared values of environmental responsibility, this collaboration enables us to deliver exceptional, creative, and responsible furniture options that inspire and transform workspaces across the country.
Gerry Whelan
Director, Furniture Division | Walls to Workstations

Moving towards a bright future together

The partnership between Bene and Walls to Workstations marks an exciting milestone in the Irish furniture industry. With Walls to Workstations becoming the sole dealer of Bene in Ireland, architects, designers, contractors, and individual clients can look forward to accessing a comprehensive range of sustainable furniture solutions from two industry leaders. 

The shared commitment to sustainability ensures that each product embodies environmental responsibility without compromising quality or design. This partnership heralds new levels of sustainable furniture solutions, empowering businesses and individuals in Ireland to create inspiring, innovative, smart, sustainable, and evolving workspaces.

A true commitment to sustainability

Learn more about Bene’s perfect examples of sustainable furniture solutions.

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About Walls to Workstations:

For almost 30 years now, we at Walls to Workstations have partnered with leading international brands to provide clients, main contractors, architects, and designers in Ireland with top-class interior solutions in glazing, furniture, flooring, and acoustics.  

Walls to Workstations understands the what, when, and how of providing great interior solutions. We create great spaces and have established a trusted reputation for this.

Our approach, reinforced by our in-house specialists and network of leading brands, supports and promotes innovative, evolving, and human-centred interior design.

Our specialists routinely examine our processes and protocols and review our commercial focus and ‘fitness’ for purpose. We provide tailored support, adding value to each project and gaining the confidence of our clients and their professional teams.

Through a strict product selection, we ensure that our solutions reflect each project’s environment, culture, and demands.


About Bene: 

Established in 1790, Bene is one of Austria’s oldest furniture manufacturers. With a history spanning several decades, the company has earned a reputation for its innovative and high-quality furniture solutions. 

Bene expanded its product range to include office furniture, seating solutions, and interior design concepts, adapting to evolving trends. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are integral to Bene’s operations, making it a prominent player in the global furniture market. Combining timeless design with cutting-edge technology, the company creates inspiring and ergonomic workspaces for individuals and businesses today.

Development, design, production, consulting, and sales are united under one Austrian roof. As a significant market player in Europe, Bene stands for innovative concepts, inspiring offices, and high-quality design. Bene develops and produces customised solutions for all company sizes – from one-person companies to SMEs and global corporations.

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