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Walls To Workstations is the leading Irish supplier and installer of glazing solutions for the most prestigious commercial interior projects.

We are a trusted problem-solver in applying glazing within the construction sector. Our in-house experts provide clients with top solutions in glazed partitions, adaptable modular systems, atrium glazing, and firescreens.

Our Services

Walls to Workstations provides an end-to-end service from the early stage of product specification to the installation and further maintenance of glazing solutions.

Our extensive team of designers, project managers, estimators, fitters, and glaziers provide main contractors with expertise, advice, and dedication to deliver the highest quality of service in every project. 

Also, our Select Works team takes care of specialised projects for direct clients, further expanding our range of services — this approach positions Walls to Workstations as a leader in the industry of glazing solutions.

Our services include 

  • Supply and installation of demountable glazed partitions and doors, atrium glazing, firescreens, and adaptable modular systems
  • Project management and product specification support
  • Refurbishing of adaptable walls
  • Door maintenance programme

Our Solutions

Glazed Partitions

Walls to Workstations is the leading Irish partner of Optima Systems and their portfolio of top-class solutions for the glass partitioning industry. This partnership enables our clients to access the premium, award-winning range of products designed and manufactured in the UK.

Single Glazed Partitions

Optima single glazed systems offer a range of glass thicknesses that can adjust to the clients’ required acoustic performance with a tighter budget.

The extensive portfolio of solutions we cover includes

  • Optima 117 Plus
  • Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition
  • Revolution 100 Single Glazing
  • Revolution 54 Single Glazing
  • Revolution 54 Single Glazing – Shoreditch Edition
Single Glazed: Optima 117 Plus
Single Glazed: Optima Revolution 100

Double Glazed Partitions

Double glazed partitions offer the perfect glazing solution for privacy and a high degree of acoustic separation, thanks to their innovative design. Optima double glazed partitions are ideal for space separation, meeting rooms, and private areas that need to be apart from the external noise of working environments.

Walls to Workstations offers complete access to their range of products, including 

  • Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition 
  • Revolution 100 Double Glazing 
  • Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing 
  • Revolution 54 Plus Double Glazing – Shoreditch Edition 
Optima Revolution 100 Double Glazed Partition
Optima Revolution 54 Plus Shoreditch Double Glazed Partition

Adaptable Modular Systems

Optima’s adaptable modular systems offer versatile freestanding meeting room solutions and solid wall systems, depending on the needs of each client. 

With the quality materials and technology that make Optima famous worldwide, their adaptable modular systems answer the challenges of the always-evolving working environments.

Optima Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR)

The Optima AMR is a versatile freestanding meeting room that fits quickly and easily into any space. Adaptable Meeting Rooms are an innovative and fully sustainable solution that enables office flexibility, efficiency and scalability.

The primary function of Optima AMR is to foster modern working dynamics, from collaboration to socialising and personal work. 

The Optima AMR can be quickly and professionally assembled, disassembled and relocated.  Its design allows for maximum space utilisation and complete adaptation to the specific needs of each working environment.

Optima Adaptable Walls

The Optima Adaptable Wall solution is solid, modular, dry-jointed, and easy to demount and reconfigure. Its environmentally friendly materials offer optimal acoustic ratings, making it ideal for dynamic and sustainable working environments.

The system easily connects with double and single glazed partitions, allowing clients to maintain a consistent interior design and top-performing acoustics. 

Clients can reuse the components of adaptable walls in new designs or quickly request to refurbish them if required. The adaptable wall system is, by far, one of the most sustainable solutions in the market.


As part of an ever-expanding portfolio, Walls to Workstations now provides glass balustrades to residential and commercial projects through our partners at QRailing.

Q-Railing Easy Glass Air
Q-Railing Easy Glass Smart
Q-Railing Full Balustrade

Atrium Glazing

Walls to Workstations offers specialised services in bespoke atrium glazing for direct clients and main contractors in Ireland. Our team works closely with top suppliers such as Optima, Tipperary Glass, Ideal Glass, Pyroguard, and VetroTech to ensure all installations are certified, tested, and measured accurately.

Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project.

One Microsoft Court
LinkedIn HQ

Fire Screens

Our partnership with Optima as the exclusive dealer in Ireland offers our clients access to the full range of Technishield partition systems and doors. This set of solutions provides up to 2 hours of integrity and insulation protection to all glazed partitions.

Walls to Workstations enables clients to access the full range of Optima fire-rated solutions, including:

  • Technishield 50: Fire rating integrity of 30/0, 60/0, and up to 120/0 minutes for door and screen system. 
  • Technishield 65: Fire rating integrity of 30/30 or 60/60 on steel-framed screens and 30/30 or 60/60 on glass doors, with up to 60 minutes of integrity and insulation.
  • Technishield 70 Fire Door and Side Panel: Available in single and double doors, the Technishield 70 offers 90/90 minutes of integrity and insulation.
  • Technishield 110 Fire screen: The highest performing fire-rated system of up to 120 minutes of integrity and 120 minutes of insulation.
Optima Technishield 65

Door Systems

Walls to Workstations provides clients with delivery and installation of the full range of Optima door system solutions. Our Select Works team extends the benefits of the solutions with our exclusive Door Maintenance Programme, which clients can access as part of our end-to-end service. 

Our portfolio includes all Optima door system products: 

Optima Axile Series
Optima Edge Series
Optima Elite Series
Optima Kinetic Series
Optima Timber Doors

Door Maintenance Programme

Walls to Workstations provides scheduled maintenance and inspection of all doors installed by our Glazing Team to ensure ongoing optimal performance. 

Our Select Works team will agree on a schedule of visits with the client based on the number of doors in the office and the level of traffic through them. Our team of technicians will visit the office at the agreed intervals and conduct a thorough examination of each door on the plan. The programme consists of a 6-Point inspection:

  • Doors and frames checking for any visible defects or damage
  • Frame rigidity checking
  • Locks and handles checking, adjusting, and tightening if needed
  • Doors checking for plum and sitting correctly in the frame, and adjusted if necessary
  • Swing action of doors checking. Pivots and floor springs adjusted, if necessary
  • Greasing and oiling of moving parts

The client will receive a full report on all doors, the work done, and any further repairs required. The report includes a location-tagged floorplan, colour-coded for quick reference, and photos of highlighted issues.

Main Benefits:

  • Ensure the proper functioning of the doors
  • Extend doors’ working lifetime
  • Prevent major issues
  • Extend the manufacturer’s product warranty for the duration of the maintenance contract

The Door Maintenance Programme is exclusively available to Walls to Workstations clients with glazing systems installed by our team.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about the Door Maintenance Programme and how to make the most of it. 

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