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At Walls to Workstations, we have contract furniture experts in Office, Healthcare, Hospitality, Residential, Retail and more, ready to support you with the best Furniture Solutions in the market.

We work with top-class brands and manufacturers from Ireland and the rest of the world, providing Furniture Solutions that meet the highest ergonomics standards, sustainability, design, and performance standards.

Our Services

Walls to Workstations provides the knowledge and direct support of a team of furniture specialists ready to provide clients with everything they need to succeed in their interior design projects.

Our end-to-end service ensures top-class advice from the earliest stage of the project, fully supporting our clients through furniture selection and specification, quoting, ordering, and on-time delivery.

Furthermore, we provide a complete follow-up and maintenance service, allowing our clients to rely on us for their furniture’s long-term performance.

Our Solutions

Open-Plan Furniture

Walls to Workstations has extensive experience in specifying and representing open-plan furniture solutions from brands such as Knoll, Orangebox, Bralco, Wilkhahn, CBS, and more.

Desk System Furniture

Task Chair Furniture


Desk Accessories

Loose Furniture

Representing exceptional global furniture brands such as Knoll Studio, Fritz Hansen, Arper, Buzzispace, Wilkhahn, B&B Italia, and many more, Walls to Workstations can assemble a unique offering of the ideal loose furniture to meet client requirements perfectly.


Sofas are the classic furniture solutions for open spaces to transform into welcoming environments within offices. They offer infinite possibilities of creativity, combined with functionality, aligned with the client’s personality. 

Architects and designers can choose between different sizes, styles, colours, and fabrics to break the routine and provide relaxed spaces. Sofas are here to stay, from informal meetings to casual chats to out-of-the-box solo working sessions. Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project.

Florence Knoll™ Sofa
Fritz Hansen Swan Sofa
Muuto Oslo Sofa

Dining chairs

Walls to Workstations offers quick guided access to some of the world’s most relevant dining chair manufacturers like Knoll, Fritz Hansen, Artifort, Carl Hansen, and more. 

With plenty of options in design, materials, and sizes, dining chairs are the perfect choice for canteens, lounges, hotels, and residential. Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project. 

Artifort Beso Chair
Fritz Hansen SERIES 7™
Knoll Tulip™ Chair


Armchairs are one of the most representative pieces of furniture in interior design. Their classic cushioned style with support on both sides to rest the arms provides the ideal loose feeling within any formal or casual environment.

With access to a wide range of manufacturers, Walls to Workstations has been the dealer of the most relevant armchairs in the market for several years.

From the iconic Knoll Womb Chair and Knoll Barcelona Chair to the famous Fritz Hansen Egg Chair to disruptive proposals like Carl Hansen’s CH22 | Lounge Chair, our furniture specialists will ensure the best solution for your project.

Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project. 

Carl Hansen CH22 Chair
Fritz Hansen Egg Chair
Knoll Barcelona Chair
Knoll Womb Chair

Highback sofas

Highback sofas are the perfect solution for privacy and comfort in a corporate environment. From the futuristic Orangebox Away from the Desk to the elegant Muuto Outline Highback Work, Walls to Workstations covers the most popular brands and designs.

Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project.

Knoll Rockwell Unscripted® High Back Lounge Chair
Muuto Outline Highback Work 100
Orangebox Away from the Desk highback sofa


Our furniture specialists will help you find the right table furniture for your project. With a massive range of providers such as Muuto, Carl Hansen, Moroso, and Inclass, Walls to Workstations enables clients to access top-class table furniture. 

Among our portfolio of solutions, we cover:

  • Coffee Tables: Known for their low-height design, they are perfect for transforming sitting areas into welcoming spaces to support food and beverage, remote controls, magazines, brochures, decorative items, and more. 
  • Dining Tables: With a standard height and size, dining tables bring a home-away-from-home experience to corporate and hospitality environments such as canteens, private offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, and more.
  • Side Tables: Placed beside another piece of furniture (most commonly a chair or sofa), side tables are perfect for open spaces or to complement another piece of furniture, offering a wide surface yet with a manageable size to fit into any plan, enhancing the overall design of it.
  • Laptop Tables: When the space is designed to be relaxing, and informal, laptop tables enable temporary working stations that can be arranged and modified depending on each situation. Their size allows easy transportation, and their design fits perfectly in any type of space.
INCLASS Plania Laptop Table
Knoll Saarinen Dining Table 47 Round
Muuto Around Coffee Table
Muuto Relate Side Table

Bar Stools

An excellent furniture solution for dining spaces, canteens, restaurants, and other hospitality environments. Bar stools offer stylised designs and a vast amount of finishing options, such as wood, metal, and recycled materials that make them perfect for top-class projects. 

Our furniture specialists enable clients access to several providers, such as Fritz Hansen, Muuto, Orangebox, Inclass, and Magis. This ensures finding the right bar stool solution for your project quickly and efficiently. 

Orangebox COZE D07 Bar Stool
Muuto Fiber Bar Stool
Magis Steelwood Stool

Agile Working & Collaboration

The new corporate world demands creative solutions for agile working and collaboration. The design involved in this furniture solution integrates concepts like ergonomics and well-being combined with neurodiversity and inclusion.

Our furniture specialists work to provide clients with access to top-class solutions such as individual and group booths, mobile seating, modular seating systems, screen systems, meeting and collaboration tables, and more.

Walls to Workstations invest heavily in updating our portfolio of providers that offer agile working and collaboration furniture solutions. Some top providers include Orangebox, Greyfox, Connection, New Design Group, La Palma, and Spacestor

GreyFox FLOAT seating system​
Orangebox Away From The Desk upholstery system​
Connection platform seating​
New Design Group August Nook Individual Booth​
LaPalma ADD | Round seating system​
Spacestor Arcadia meeting space​

Meeting Furniture

Meeting furniture solutions are specifically designed to motivate group discussions and on-site formal collaboration. When you implement meeting furniture solutions, you enhance privacy and less external noise or distractions, providing workers with ideal spaces to concentrate on essential topics and tasks.

Meeting tables

Meeting tables are the perfect furniture solution for spaces that need to allocate a higher number of seats simultaneously. Our furniture experts enable clients to access some of the most popular brands in the market, such as Knoll, Wilkhahn, Orangebox, GreyFox, and New Design Group.

GreyFox Grounded Pill Table
Orangebox CONVO meeting table
Wilkhahn Logon meeting table

Meeting chairs

Meeting chairs offer comfortable and efficient seating for extended sessions and engaging design features to facilitate discussions in corporate, formal, or collaboration environments. Our furniture experts can help you find the right solution for your project with access to top-class providers such as Orangebox, Knoll, Fritz Hansen, Wilkhahn, and New Design Group. 

Wilkhahn Modus Medium chair
Orangebox Allow Me chair
Knoll ReGeneration Chair

Meeting storage units

Meeting rooms are perfectly complemented by storage units, also known as credenzas. These storage units are ideal for fitting into corners or under desks, and they facilitate meeting rooms to be organised and to have physical documentation and supplies at hand. 

Walls to Workstations offer access to some of the most popular credenza options in the market from providers such as Knoll and Orangebox. 

Orangebox Vari Storage Credenza
Florence Knoll™ Vertical Storage

Healthcare Furniture

Walls to Workstations is one of Ireland’s most critical healthcare furniture solutions providers, with exclusive and semi-exclusive access to top manufacturers such as Teal, Piaval, Softline, and Orangebox.

Hospital furniture solutions

When you select healthcare furniture solutions for hospital environments, it is essential to consider not only the functional features but also the strength and resistance to cleaning products. 

With our dedicated Healthcare Furniture Specialist, Walls to Workstations offers a specialised service to clients in need of specific hospital furniture, including:

  • Ward furniture
  • Challenging environments 
  • Overnight furniture
  • Waiting and reception
  • Canteen
Ward Furniture | Teal Cascade Bedside Locker
Challenging Environments | Teal Roku® Tub Chair
Overnight Furniture | Teal Buddy Day Bed
Waiting and Reception | Teal Oliver 2-Seater Sofa
Canteen | Teal Darcey Armchair

Nursing and home care solutions

Walls to Workstations provides clients with many healthcare furniture solutions specifically designed for residential, nursing, and home care. This means a heavily revised selection of providers and products with strength, mobility, functionality, and resistance to exhaustive cleaning processes. 

With our in-house healthcare furniture expert, we cover the most relevant solutions, including 

  • Lounge seating
  • Dining furniture 
  • Bedroom furniture 
Lounge furniture | Piaval Poltrona MAMY 57-64:2
Dining furniture | Teal Evoke Armchair
Bedroom furniture | Teal Mandy Sofa Bed

Outdoor Furniture

Walls to Workstations covers various outdoor furniture solutions for every type of environment and usage. With access to the market’s top providers, such as Knoll, Magis, Pedrali, Fritz Hansen, and Arper, our furniture experts can advise you to obtain the best options for your project. 

Among the solutions, our portfolio offers a variety of options for outdoor tables, chairs, parasols, armchairs, sofas, and benches. From external canteen and restaurant areas to residential spaces, our furniture experts can guide you through the best solution for your outdoor furniture project. 

Ask for a consultation with our specialists, and we will help you succeed in your next project.

Arper Leaf Lounge — Sled
Pedrali Panarea 3679 Lounge Chair
Magis Chair_One

Acoustics Solutions

Walls to Workstations works with the most popular brands, such as Framery, Orangebox, BuzziSpace, and Spacestor, to provide clients with top-class acoustic solutions.

Acoustic pods, phone booths, meeting pods, campers, and dens are the perfect choice to enable private, calm, and soundproof areas in working environments. With top-notch design and features, acoustic pods are ideal for focused tasks, collaboration sessions, and personal conversations in a flexible, spontaneous way.

Framery One connected soundproof pod
Buzzispace | BuzziNest phone booth
Spacestor Residence Huddle meeting pod
Orangebox Smartworking Huddersfield — AWFS01 Camper

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