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Bene Sustainable Products:
Nine Perfect Examples

As sustainability continues to take centre stage in design and furniture solutions, Bene has emerged as a leader in creating environmentally responsible products. With their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Bene sustainable products offer diverse furniture solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and ecological consciousness. 

In this article, we will explore some of the most sustainable products from Bene, each designed with a focus on reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices.

Pixel: Sustainable Storage Redefined

Pixel is more than just a storage system; it is a testament to Bene’s dedication to sustainability. Crafted using recycled and recyclable materials, Pixel offers versatile and customisable storage options for modern workspaces. Its modular design allows for easy reconfiguration, adapting to changing needs while minimising waste. Businesses can optimise storage space by choosing Pixel while reducing their carbon footprint.

Nooxs Think Tank: Sustainable Room System for Collaboration

The Nooxs Think Tank is a sustainable and innovative solution for collaborative spaces. Designed with acoustic properties and energy-efficient lighting, this room system creates a productive and eco-friendly environment. 

Made from sustainable materials, such as recycled wood and low-emission textiles, Nooxs Think Tank enhances collaboration and promotes responsible resource consumption.

A picture of Nooxs Think Tank Modular System, designed by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations.

Level Lift: Ergonomic and Sustainable Design

Level Lift is a height-adjustable table system that combines ergonomic functionality with sustainable design principles. This innovative solution promotes well-being by allowing users to switch between sitting and standing positions easily. 

Bene’s commitment to sustainability is evident in Level Lift’s energy-efficient motor system, eco-friendly materials, and recyclability, making it a smart choice for environmentally conscious workspaces.

An executive woman standing next to the Level Lift height adjustable desk, designed by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations

K2 Storage: Versatile and Sustainable Storage Solution

K2 Storage is a versatile storage system designed to meet various organisational needs while reducing environmental impact. It is constructed from sustainable materials and offers flexible configurations to optimise space utilisation. With its thoughtfully designed features, K2 Storage promotes a clutter-free and sustainable workplace.

A picture of the k2 Storage unit in white colour, by Bene, distributed by Walls to Workstations.

Studio Shelving System: Stylish and Sustainable Storage

The Studio Shelving System combines aesthetics with sustainability to deliver an exceptional storage solution. This modular shelving system is made from recycled materials and offers endless possibilities for creating stylish and functional storage spaces. 

Its adaptability and durability ensure long-term usage, minimising the need for replacements and contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

A picture of the Studio Shelving System Storage, designed by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations.

Ports Storage: Sustainable Design with a Contemporary Edge

Ports Storage seamlessly combines sustainable design with contemporary aesthetics. Its intelligent construction uses recycled and recyclable materials, while the innovative docking system allows for easy reconfiguration and adaptation. Ports Storage reflects Bene’s sustainability commitment without compromising style or functionality.

A picture of the Ports Storage by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations.

KX Storage: Sustainable Solutions for Modern Workspaces

KX Storage is a sustainable storage solution designed for modern workspaces. Constructed with eco-friendly materials and featuring efficient space optimisation, KX Storage offers both practicality and sustainability. Its modular design ensures flexibility and adaptability, supporting evolving storage requirements while minimising waste.

A picture of a white KX Storage Space, designed by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations

Timba Stool: Eco-Friendly Seating with a Natural Touch

The Timba Stool is a sustainable seating option that brings nature into the workplace. Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, this elegant stool combines organic aesthetics with ergonomic design. The Timba Stool reflects Bene’s commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of its product offerings.

A picture of a wooden Timba stool, designed by Bene and distributed by Walls to Workstations.

Casual: Contemporary Design with Sustainable Essence

Casual is a design line that embraces sustainability without compromising on style. Its contemporary furniture pieces are created using environmentally friendly materials and production methods. The Casual collection showcases Bene’s ability to blend sustainability, comfort, and modern aesthetics seamlessly.

A picture of two people seating together at a Casual by Bene bench, next to another person using a single Casual by Bene bench, distributed by Walls to Workstations.

A true commitment to sustainability

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Bene stands at the forefront of sustainable furniture design, exemplifying their commitment to a greener future. From modular storage systems like Pixel and K2 Storage to collaborative solutions like Nooxs Think Tank, each product embodies eco-consciousness, functionality, and innovative design. 

Individuals and businesses can create inspiring environments by integrating these sustainable furniture solutions into workspaces while actively contributing to a more sustainable world.

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