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Walls to Workstations welcomes Q-Railing balustrades top-class solutions to its Glazing Division portfolio

Walls to Workstations, a leading Irish provider of innovative interior solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Q-Railing, enabling them to offer a comprehensive range of balustrade solutions for commercial and residential projects.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Walls to Workstations has consistently pushed boundaries in transforming spaces through cutting-edge glazing solutions. By joining forces with Q-Railing, the company now extends its expertise to the entire range of balustrades, providing clients with an end-to-end service.

Top-class balustrade solutions that meet our standards

Balustrades play a vital role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and safety of a building’s design. They offer an architectural focal point while ensuring the security and protection of those within the premises. Recognising this importance, Walls to Workstations has expanded its offerings to meet the diverse requirements of both commercial and residential projects.

The collaboration allows Walls to Workstations and its glazing division to present an extensive selection of balustrade solutions, ranging from minimalist glass systems to intricate stainless-steel designs. Architects, designers, and builders can now access a wide variety of options, enabling them to realise their vision precisely.

As Walls to Workstations and Q-Railing unite their strengths, they reaffirm their commitment to elevating interior solutions excellence. With an expanded range of balustrade solutions, these industry leaders are set to reshape the landscape of commercial and residential projects, delivering striking designs that harmoniously blend form and function.


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About Walls to Workstations:

For almost 30 years now, we at Walls to Workstations have partnered with leading international brands to provide clients, main contractors, architects, and designers in Ireland with top-class interior solutions in glazing, furniture, flooring, and acoustics.  

Walls to Workstations understands the what, when, and how of providing great interior solutions. We create great spaces and have established a trusted reputation for this.

Our approach, reinforced by our in-house specialists and network of leading brands, supports and promotes innovative, evolving, and human-centred interior design.

Our specialists routinely examine our processes and protocols and review our commercial focus and ‘fitness’ for purpose. We provide tailored support, adding value to each project and gaining the confidence of our clients and their professional teams.

Through a strict product selection, we ensure that our solutions reflect each project’s environment, culture, and demands.


About Q-Railing: 

Q-railing is an innovator in the field of railing systems, providing complete solutions that are instantly recognisable for their quality, unique design and excellent performance. A global team constantly strives to create the safest and most stylish balustrades, handrails and accessories. 

Q-railing, headquartered in Emmerich am Rhein, Germany, is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing railing system providers in the world today. It has an excellent track record of profitability and international expansion. The Q-railing reputation for design excellence is spreading with every system that is installed around the world. The list of projects is extensive – from private houses to office buildings and from concert halls to major sports arenas.

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