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Walls to Workstations expands its contract flooring portfolio with Shaw Contract New Path and Nordic collections.

A picture of a living room with a Shaw Contract Nordic LVT installed in the floor.

Walls to Workstations, the leading interior solutions provider, is pleased to announce the addition of Shaw Contract’s latest New Path carpet tile and Nordic LVT collections to its esteemed contract flooring portfolio. By incorporating Shaw Contract’s New Path carpet tile collection and Nordic luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Walls to Workstations further enhances its ability to deliver exceptional contract flooring design and performance for commercial projects.

With a commitment to offering innovative and sustainable contract flooring solutions, Walls to Workstations continuously seeks partnerships with industry leaders. The collaboration with Shaw Contract, a renowned global contract flooring manufacturer, solidifies Walls to Workstations’ dedication to providing the highest quality products to its clientele.

Walls to Workstations reinforce its focus on sustainability by including Shaw Contract’s New Path carpet tile and Nordic LVT collections.

The inclusion of Shaw Contract’s New Path carpet tiles and Nordic LVT in Walls to Workstations’ portfolio further expands the possibilities for architects, designers, and builders. These products are known for their exceptional durability, aesthetic versatility, and sustainable attributes, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial environments.

Both Walls to Workstations and Shaw Contract are committed to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices. Shaw Contract’s products are designed with an emphasis on environmental stewardship, incorporating recycled content and sustainable materials throughout their production processes. This aligns with Walls to Workstations’ dedication to providing eco-friendly solutions that contribute to healthier indoor environments.

A picture of ShawContract New Path Collection - Upbeat Ecoworx® S carpet tile, with furniture and books on top of it.

Shaw Contract’s New Path and Nordic collections mark the path for Walls to Workstations contract flooring future goals.

Clients partnering with Walls to Workstations for their contract flooring needs can expect exceptional service and support throughout the project. The company’s team of experienced professionals assists clients in selecting the most suitable Shaw Contract products, ensuring that each flooring solution aligns with the project’s unique requirements, design vision, and performance goals.

By expanding its contract flooring portfolio with Shaw Contract products, Walls to Workstations further strengthens its position as a trusted provider of comprehensive interior solutions. The inclusion of Shaw Contract’s new carpet tiles and LVT products enables Walls to Workstations to further deliver contract flooring solutions that blend aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability seamlessly, transforming commercial spaces into captivating environments.

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About Walls to Workstations:

For almost 30 years now, we at Walls to Workstations have partnered with leading international brands to provide clients, main contractors, architects, and designers in Ireland with top-class interior solutions in glazing, furniture, flooring, and acoustics.  

Walls to Workstations understands the what, when, and how of providing great interior solutions. We create great spaces and have established a trusted reputation for this.

Our approach, reinforced by our in-house specialists and network of leading brands, supports and promotes innovative, evolving, and human-centred interior design.

Our specialists routinely examine our processes and protocols and review our commercial focus and ‘fitness’ for purpose. We provide tailored support, adding value to each project and gaining the confidence of our clients and their professional teams.

Through a strict product selection, we ensure that our solutions reflect each project’s environment, culture, and demands.


About Shaw Contract: 

Shaw Contract designs and manufactures carpet and resilient products that give foundation to spaces and support to the people within them. Our human-centred approach to service naturally combines with the goal to make a Smarter Impact for our clients in all that we do. 

At Shaw Contract, we believe that everyone should have access to sustainable products for the places where collaborate, learn, rest and work. 

Smarter Impact is our call to action to share insights and solutions that help you act on your power for positive change, especially when it comes to making sustainable choices for people and planet.

 Our view of sustainability encompasses not only the environmental health of our products and our operations, but also how our products impact human experience. The products we make undergo rigorous testing for product human impact and environmental impact through the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Programme.

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