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Orangebox is widely recognised as one of the most progressive global office furniture manufacturing company’s and is constantly challenging conventional thinking about the ever changing workplace. 


Orangebox was founded on the belief that the cornerstones of the traditional office landscape – storage, desking, partitioning & task seating, would lose their pre-eminence; that new furniture typologies would create a new kind of workplace.

Proactive market research, engineering excellence and passion for design is the essence of their success, allowing them to create concepts that reinvigorate and inspire.

Our products build a more agile business, helping you to adapt and change your environment, whether it’s a change in staff, a change of teams or other demands on space. Orangebox designs and develops office furniture for the new workplace redefined by the technologies that have opened up this new potential to be more agile, adaptable and collaborative.

Orangebox focuses on delivering innovation to its key market sectors. Smartworking - a portfolio of furniture focused on creating great collaborative workspace, and Task Seating - where they aim to achieve the leading task chair for each market sector.


“As we respond to the demands of technology our research tells us that the ‘workplace’ needs to become a more fluid, engaging, humane and diverse environment where the wellbeing of employees is critically important in the creation of a responsive, productive workplace. “


Knoll is recognised internationally for creating workplace solutions that inspire, evolve and endure. With a product range...

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