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Acoustics by design

Acoustics by Design is a specialist acoustic consultancy providing solutions to manage noise levels in commercial environments.

Acoustics by design

Noise is defined as unwanted or annoying sound and is more about the type of sound than the level measured in decibels. Staff working in an open plan office will be familiar with the distraction and annoyance of colleagues’ conversations and phone calls. It is well documented in research carried out over the last 20 years that noise in open plan offices causes reduced concentration and productivity as well as increased levels of stress and absenteeism.

Acoustics by Design have many years practical and scientific experience and have worked closely with W2W solving these problems for many clients in Ireland. By a combination of calculation and experience Acoustics by Design will propose solutions that are practical, affordable and backed up by science. Using the ABC principal noise issues can be resolved with a combination of Absorption, Blocking and Cover:

  • Absorb the noise close to the source: using sound absorption and sound reduction materials for the office and all types of commercial buildings. Pre and post sound absorption installation surveys demonstrate a dramatic reduction in overall noise and disruptive sound within the office / school environment.
  • Block the direct path of sound: Block noise with acoustic desk screens, acoustic pods and freestanding office screens. With a wide choice of colours and designs office screens are essential to reduce noise in the office and increase privacy.
  • Cover the sound with sound masking: Often referred to as white noise or pink noise sound masking artificially increases the background sound in offices to mask unwanted noise, reduce distractions and increase speech privacy levels. Acoustics By Design is the European distributor for Lencore, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sound masking systems. 


Whether a commercial environment is in the planning stage or already occupied W2W will work with Acoustics By Design to offer advice and solutions to solve or prevent common acoustic issues such as noise in open plan offices, speech privacy problems and reverberation in meeting rooms.


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Acoustics by design
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