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Take Off with Bralco’s newest system furniture range

Bralco have launched new products to their Take off system furniture range. Responding to current work environments Bralco recognises that the need for conventional system furniture is still a necessity but flexibility is the key. Take off is a popular system desk range which has now expanded to include three various options that will suit all working environments - Take Off Evolution. These can include benches for informal sessions, to create open and collaborative environments.

Take off Evo is suitable for any working environment - operative, meeting, and collaboration. It integrates with the existing Bralco storage range and can be positioned in a variety of compositions and provides simple reconfiguration.

Take off Farm features natural surfaces with benches for a more informal seating arrangement. This is less conventional and designed to provide ease of communication and collaboration.

Take off Country is a large operative bench desking system designed to improve concentration. The large impressive desktops and imposing legs create a sense of solidity.

Call us today to find out more about this new collection contact Siobhan, email or you call on 01-6309251

Who are Bralco:

Bralco are an Italian based furniture design manufacturer with a focus on office furniture. There are currently 17 collections and growing each with their own distinctive style. Bralco have a strong reputation for delivery of high-quality office furniture with a customer focus and definite delivery times. To find out more check out


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