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Office Wars 2016 at the RIAI

W2W has held the latest in it’s series of educational seminars for the Architecture and Design community in the RIAI. With a theme of Workplace Wellbeing, it featured two speakers with alternative perspectives regarding the impact on the workplace of modern agile work practices.

Jim Taylour, of global furniture manufacturer Orangebox, headlined with a presentation of his research document Mobile Generations. A leading Ergonomist, Jim has analysed the effects of the widespread use of mobile devices in the workplace and beyond. You can watch a video of Jim's presentation here.

Jim’s light-hearted presenting style couldn’t take away from the seriousness of the subject matter and the potential pitfalls that lie ahead if we fail to address these issues. From the trivial sounding iPad neck & Blackberry thumb to much more serious musculoskeletal conditions and a host of serious physical and mental illnesses, it is difficult to put a limit on the potential consequences of an employer's failure to exercise their duty of care.

Jim Taylour of Orangebox presents Mobile Generations for W2W

Also speaking was Simon Cohen of office utilisation experts Condeco, who was keen to demonstrate how technology can help to control and reduce real estate costs. The Irish commercial property market is currently experiencing a severe shortage of good quality office space and soaring office rents, so making efficient use of these spaces is now more important than ever. Simon highlighted the importance of having good data to support decisions around the use of office space. You can see a video of Simon's presentation here.

Simon Cohen of Condeco presents Room Occupancy Sensors

As always for these Office Wars events, it was very well attended by a cross-section of people from the industry, which led to a lively Q&A session between W2W, the speakers and the highly engaged audience.

W2W already has plans for the next event taking place later in 2016 and details will be announced after Summer.

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