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New collections from Shaw Contract

Shaw Contract have announced two new collections at NEOCON. Neocon now in its 50th year celebrates great product design and recognises innovation. Shaw Contract won gold for Haven in the Modular Flooring category.


In today’s world, there is greater fluidity between work and the home. More often, we spend more time in the office than we do at home. Haven takes inspiration from the Home. Home is interpreted not as a place but as a feeling. Using texture, and patterns to create a sense of warmth, quality and comfort the typical feeling you would associate with home.

Haven is available in Plank 9x36 with 6 running line tile sizes and 22 custom patterns.

Running line tiles

Honest, Identity, Familiar, Shelter, Dwelling, Nest


Ashlar Herringbone, Monolithic, Brick, and Stagger


Haven is an ideal solution for multi-use spaces – a coordinating LVT is available to seamlessly blend between the carpet tiles and LVT without and transition strips. If you are looking for greater comfort or acoustic benefits there is an optional extra of added Ecologix backing to Haven carpet tiles.


‘Inside Shapes’

A design collaboration between Shaw Contract and Swedish design firm Form Us With Love. This collaboration has opened up new possibilities when it comes to thinking about flooring design to allow freedom of expression. Inside Shapes is a combination of four distinct shapes Square, Diagonal Point and Curve. Each joining shape will form 610x610cm square. Choose from 17 premixed options or use your creativity and create your own unique space. There are unlimited possibilities and an digital tool to visualise your design.

Inside Shapes is reimagining carpet tiles and opens up new design possibilities in terms of pattern and Opened up new possibilities for pattern and design. There are 12 colour options in this range.

Shaw Contract are the leading carpet manufacturer in the US. We are proud to partner with this design focused manufacturer, with Best of Neocon awards for 14 consecutive years. Shaw Contract are heavily committed to producing quality design centred products that are sustainable. Shaw Contract carpet tiles are 100% recyclable due to the innovative Ecoworx backing produced from recycled carpet tiles. Shaw Contract carpet tiles have on average 45% recycled content and this continues to grow.


Did you know Shaw contract select collection are also available in Ireland from 7 days from the date of order?

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