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Optimising Office Privacy

Speech privacy is one of the primary concerns of management within any office. The ability to hold a private meeting or speak freely about confidential issues such as finance and HR within a private office without fear of being overheard is often paramount. While complete speech privacy is unlikely to ever be guaranteed, W2W has a number of solutions at its disposal to help minimise the danger of confidential information being overheard.

Consider what level of privacy is required, our Optima glazed screens range from 33dbRW to 49dbRW and very soon in the early 50’s. However these are lab tests and the same result will not always be achieved on site due to a number of environmental factors such as floor and ceiling voids, external window mullions, services location, flanking transmission and doors. Indeed doors are the weakest part of any system and will bring the overall aggregate of the sound rating down. Timber and glass doors have a similar rating of 32dbRw in standard form but both can be enhanced acoustically with use of dense timber blanks, double glazing and acoustic laminate glass. These measures can help to improve doors to achieve up to 40dbRW.

The most suitable location for a room requiring maximum privacy is in the noisiest area, normally open plan as external background noise will help to create privacy for the occupants of the room, however this may not always be ideal for boardrooms or client rooms. In this case a client will need to choose between acoustic and visual privacy.

W2Ws acoustics team are always willing to discuss project issues with designers and clients and with our experience we may be able to suggest a solution to an acoustic issue using a mix of specialist performance products. Call us on (01) 642 0050 or mail