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Standing up for a healthier workplace

All studies show that we are sitting too much, it has become the default position and our bodies have not been designed to function in this position for long periods.

Most of us will sit for breakfast, drive to work in a seated position, spend an average time of 5 hours and 41 min seated at our desks, have lunch whilst seated, drive back home and sit on the sofa watching tv in the evening. Some describe the problem with a catchy, if exaggerated phrase “sitting is the new smoking”.

This has brought on an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Introducing sit/stand desk solutions in the workplace with other activities can help reduce the risks associated with long periods of sitting and inactivity.

Sit / Stand workstations have become increasingly popular in Ireland over the past 5 years and manufacturers have been launching models to include pin-set, crank, gas, counter balance and various electric powered versions, even desks with solar panels are available to those seeking the ultimate eco friendly option.

Encouraging employees to stand more:  

Ease of operating workstation is important.

Offering the opportunity to both stand and sit as standing only is not good for posture either.

Certain tasks are performed better standing than sitting and vice versa.

Encourage wearing of comfortable, flat shoes.

Feeling the health benefits, less straining and feeling more energetic and alert.


Further ideas to encourage standing in the workplace:

Shorter stand-up/ scrum/ standing agenda meetings.

Central print / bins / water cooler areas encouraging staff to walk to these.

Include walking meetings which work well as one on one or small groups.

Encourage eating lunch away from the desk.

Encourage walking to a colleague’s desk instead of phoning or e-mail.

Using the stairs instead of the lift.


W2W have a number of solutions available for a workplace wishing to implement sit-stand desking policies. Why not call us to discuss on (01) 642 0050 or mail