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Recommendations for Carpet Installation in 2015

Design influences how we move, think, relax and interact within a space. At Shaw Contract Group carpet design is moving from standard square carpet tiles to a more design focused selection. Standard tiles can now be integrated with plank tiles, skinny plank tiles and also with Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) providing a creative look throughout the office, in reception areas, boardrooms through to kitchen areas. The creative Hexagon shaped tiles add another dimension to the way we move through a space.

It is important to consider where you decide to insert flooring from both a practical standpoint and design perspective. On entering a building it is important to install a barrier matting for about 5 walking steps. This will help maintain the lifespan of floor finishes throughout whilst protecting your carpet from staining. In heavy traffic areas lighter colours may be susceptible to staining, so choosing a pattern or soil hiding tones would be advisable. There is always the option to mix materials such as luxury vinyl planks and carpet to give a textured feature in your office, retail or hospitality project. 

Carpet tiles can be installed in a variety of patterns and interlocking designs from Monolithic, Ashlar, Brick, Boxed In, Basket Weave and Herringbone. The pattern you choose will also be influenced by the area in which it is being installed. 


Luxury textured carpet tiles and broadloom can be used in boardrooms, cellular offices areas and reception areas for a plush feel.  The ‘Landscape’ luxury cut pile carpet tile collection from Balsan offers the Corporate Client both elegance and refinement in the fit-out of their office space.

Shaw ‘Dye Lab’ was inspired from ancient wash and dye fabrics, these have been reworked to produce amazing results. ‘Dye Lab’ works particularly well in these areas to create a sophisticated atmosphere. 

‘Colour Form’ and ‘Colour at Work’ from Shaw carpets allow you to integrate both collections together to create an environment that works both in calm and busy spaces through bursts of colour to produce a relaxed setting or to create an artistic impression with colour for a more energizing atmosphere and allowing you to create a myriad of possibilities. These designs come in plank, skinny plank and standard square shape. Whatever you choose no installation will be the same. 

Design in floor finishes whether it be carpet, carpet tile or LVT, can create an installation that is aesthetically pleasing and practical while also considering the lifecycle impact on the environment.