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Carpet in Healthcare environments

The boundaries that separate corporate, hospitality and healthcare in design are broadening, no longer is a particular type of floor suitable for one environment but several. Carpet is becoming more and more popular in the Healthcare industry and there are several advantages in doing so.


It is important to choose colour carefully. Colour adds warmth to a room, it can add a sense of vibrancy, playfulness and energy suitable for children and for young vibrant centres. Colour can also can create a sense of peacefulness, soothing and warmth more suitable for senior living environments. There are a wide range of colours available to suit any environment. 

Pattern also plays an important part in these atmospheres. Graphic patterns for patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s can create an atmosphere that is confusing, and unstable, softer patterns create a more comforting, peaceful atmosphere. In another environment a graphic pattern can inspire energy and a less sterile environment suitable to the space. 


Hard flooring is difficult when on your feet all day. Carpet is much softer for those working in healthcare. Health centres are not always the most welcoming and can feel quite sterile, carpet not only looks warming and friendly but it also absorbs the sounds much more than hard surface flooring, creating an environment that is relaxing and more social for the patient, visitors, and staff members. 

Health & Safety

By inserting carpet into a room this will reduce the dust that is in the air, beneficial to all patients.  Eco Worx backing has antimicrobial protections inbuilt for added protection. All of the carpet we use have passed the AATCC 174 accreditation. 

When compared to hard surfaces carpet has many advantages. Textured surface can help in preventing slipping occurring, if this does happen a carpet provides a more cushioned fall to that of a hard surface. 


All carpets are designed with durability in mind, having said that certain types will suit certain rooms and environments better. It is important to bear this in mind when building your design. The Eco Worx backing is cradle to cradle certified and no PVC is used in manufacturing. The backing also holds Antimicrobial protection features. The fibre is made from Nylon 6 which is also cradle to cradle certified and are very easily maintained. 

Boundaries are changing and the divide between healthcare, hospitality and corporate environments are no longer evident. Design is key in creating a sense of space and atmosphere in any environment.