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When the dramatic underworld meets a brighter side.

‘Successful living’ a collaboration between International fashion house Diesel and renowned furniture designer Moroso.

Designed for those who like contemporary living but with a more relaxed atmosphere. The alternative collection for Moroso was inspired by two different co-existing trends “one which is darker in tone, inspired by the underground world, with a more aggressive and enigmatic aesthetic, the other lighter, inspired by nature and a visual radiance, with soft and welcoming shapes” says Patricia Moroso, creative director of Moroso.

With a very distinctive identity perfectly suited in a modern home looking for simple shapes, classic style, and relaxed living. We have picked out some of our top choices below.


Cloud Atlas

Reconsidered from the classic Nebula 9 sofa. Reshaped with new details added, and available with four new types of treated leather. 

Cloudsape Chair

Feel like you are sitting on clouds with the Cloudscape chair. Large cushions cotton cushions define this chair. Steel framed base. Many other cotton and linen fabric options available. 


A classic high back lounge chair designed to be the ultimate relaxation chair. Available in a full range of fabrics including Diesel’s deluxe treatment range.  

To find out more call our Loose furniture department on 01-6420050 or you can email You can browse our current collection of loose furniture in our Virtual Showroom.



Moroso are a high-end Italian furniture manufacturer. Their collection covers sofas, lounge armchairs, tables and more. Moroso have been designing top quality furniture with some of the world's most talented designers since 1952. Moroso have always been open to new ideas and inspiration is derived from collaboration and listening.

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