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Going Green in the Workplace

Biophilia is a buzz word at the moment in the world of design, but it has been around longer than you might think. First coined by biologist Professor E.O Wilson in his 1984 book entitled Biophilia, he describes it as ‘the tendency to focus on life and life-like processes’. Translating biophilia into office design used to be seen as a luxury, but is becoming the standard for design and at W2W, we are seeing this more and more on projects we work on.

Flexible working has driven this trend. The working office has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Advances in technology have allowed employees to be more flexible in the way we work. Work is no longer limited to 9 to 5 sitting at an office desk – developments such as breakout spaces, hot-desking and others, have provided opportunities to work from multiple locations. With these blurred lines, there is an increased risk of detaching ourselves from our natural surroundings.  Studies show that connections to nature can offer multiple benefits. 


Benefits of going green

How can you introduce Biophilia in the workspace?

Plants not only offer an aesthetic factor and bringing the outdoors in, they are proven to have an effect on air quality throughout the office. Living plants naturally, filter the air surrounding them and provide greater levels of air comfort. Studies show that this helps reduce stress and negative moods withing the office compared to offices without. Plants can be easily introduced throughout the office space without having to be too costly.


Often in busy office environments, we can get too engrossed in the cubicle/desk we work in, perhaps a reconfiguration of existing desking can be a solution. A seat with a view (whether natural light/ biophilic themed Art) can provide space to breathe and allow your eyes to refocus. Studies show that regular access to a view can decrease stress, increase concentration, increased energy and productivity.

Everyone is different, People work in different ways. Encourage Flexible Working! A breakaway from the desk, whether for collaboration exercises or personal activities, allows the brain to refocus and regain concentration.


Creating a comfortable office environment incorporates many of the bodies senses. Sight, Touch, Smell, and sound. Office Acoustics is often one of the forgotten/ last things to be considered when redesigning an office, but this in fact is one of the most important. Echoey and public spaces result in an uncomfortable working environment, reduced concentration and in turn reduced productivity. Office Acoustics have progressed contact us today to find out what you can do with your space. 


Biophilia can often be summarised by introducing more plants into space, while this is advantageous there is certainly much more to consider. Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at various ways you can incorporate Biophilia into office design. 


If you would like some more information, please call us on 01-6420050 

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