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A Step in the right direction with Shaw Contract

Activewear and Biophilia inspire new collections for Shaw Contract.

NEOCON is always an exciting time for us here in W2W, highlighting new and exciting developments that are making waves in the design industry. The ‘Future of Work’ was very much trending at NEOCON, the workplace is changing and the new collections from Shaw Contract are a direct response to this.

Our top picks from NEOCON are Active and A walk in the garden. Inspiration for Active stemmed from recent research that we are not moving enough in the office. Active brings graphic patterns, linear and vibrant colours to the interior space to evoke movement. Helping to activate spaces and creating an energy to inspire and motivate.

Originally introduced in 2003 A walk in the garden is a relaunch with a fresh new colour palette. This collection explores our connection with nature, the rawness and natural features of paving stones, gravel, and grasses within the garden. Increasingly we are becoming detached from our natural surroundings and it is essential to our well-being to filter the natural environment into our daily working lives. 

To schedule a product presentation or to order samples contact Louise Parkes 086 668 6960 or email


Shaw Contract are the leading carpet manufacturer in the US. We are proud to partner with this design focused manufacturer, with Best of Neocon awards for 13 consecutive years. Shaw Contract are heavily committed to producing quality design centred products that are sustainable. Shaw Contract carpet tiles are 100% recyclable due to the innovative Ecoworx backing produced from recycled carpet tiles. Carpet tiles have on average 45% recycled content and this continues to grow.

Did you know Shaw Contract select collection are also available in Ireland from 7 days from the date of order? Find out more. 

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