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About Us

Our Vision: To enhance human expression with great interior solutions


At Walls To Workstations, W2W, we understand the what, when and how of providing great interior solutions to create great spaces; and, over more than 20 years, we have established a trusted reputation for doing so.

We routinely examine our processes and protocols, and regularly review our commercial focus and ‘fitness’ for purpose. We believe that only an ongoing focus on excellence and attention to detail will sustain success.  The W2W team is charged with adding value to each project and gaining the confidence of our clients and their professional projects teams.  Our focus on performance, both in product selection and customer service, ensures that our solutions reflect the environment, culture, and demands of each project.  

optima 3d glazed partitions shaw hexagonal carpet tiles

While W2W began business with a focus on the office, as the world changed, we changed; and with our partners we now provide product solutions across all sectors. W2W understands spaces; whether for working or living. We can help you, and your team, identify the best solutions or combination of solutions to most effectively meet your project requirements and we can deliver and implement these solutions to meet your project objectives. 

As wellbeing and work-life balance take ‘centre-stage', both individually and corporately, W2W is ideally positioned to respond to this person-centric dynamic, which continues to gain momentum, because we understand people and the great value to be gained in supporting "human expression".

Today's dispersed, connected workplace," a "" office ", which puts people at the centre of their life-work experience, is tailor-made for W2W solutions!

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